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Omega 80267 Pure Boar Bristle Shaving Brush With Stand

Omega 80267 Pure Boar Bristle Shaving Brush With Stand

Saba Soap and Body

  • $2300

Ivory white version of the #80267. Accented with a classy wide, black waist ringlet.

Lofty banded loft. Plastic stand included.

Dimensions approximate

Knot: 24mm
Handle: 49mm
Loft: 55mm
Total Height: 104mm

Made in Italy

How to use this brush:
The brush bristles should be immersed in warm water of about 60 degrees, give the bristle a light squeeze so the bristles are wet but not soaking. Load the bristle with cream or soap and apply to the areas to be shaved using a strong circular motion. This process softens the hairs and raises them ready for shaving.

Care of the brush:
When you have finished using the brush rinse it well under hot water removing any soap residue left at the base of the bristles and give it a squeeze to remove the excess water. And place on the stand to dry


Tip: All shaving brushes need to be broken in, The more you use the brush the more the hairs will soften and split at the ends to create a softer tip.

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