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About us

Saba Soap and Body has been created from a deep concern with the quality of
the majority of skincare products offered to consumers. One has only to read
the alarming ingredient list on labels to know that all is not well: harsh
chemicals, synthetic colourants, additives, fragrances. That animals suffer in
many labels' product testing is abhorrent to us.

We thought we could do better, for ourselves, and like-minded women and
men. We wanted to create products that echoed our environmental ethics. We
would address the external, using only natural products, untested on animals-
and the internal, natural products equals a healthy, happy frame of mind.

And so began our journey. We set about learning to make soap. We tried many
varieties of natural ingredients and different processes. We had a few failures along the way which we learned to be grateful for because from failure springs success.

From soap, we moved onto creating natural shaving creams, to making handmade shaving brushes, and a range of handmade related products. To complement our own products and offer a greater range of products we have sourced a range of famous brands of shaving products.

We have created beautiful, natural products using only essential oils, plant-
based colourants, and all organic wherever possible. Each product comes with
a list of ingredients used. We continue to work on new products.


We know you will love the uniqueness that is SABA SOAP AND BODY.