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MÜHLE R106 Black handle safety razor

MÜHLE R106 Black handle safety razor

Saba Soap and Body

  • $7200

MÜHLE R106 Black handle featuring a traditional closed comb Double-Edge Classic Safety Razor, The black Handle pays homage to the great razors of the early 1900s, offering men of today a refined and comfortable shave reminiscent of the days when the Double edge razor was the king. A straight column of pure white resin anchors the head, This Razor is well balanced and a pleasure to hold in the hand. 

CLOSED COMB: he most popular safety razor head, this is good for both novices and the more experienced user, and is suited for regular use. The closed comb — or safety bar — provides protection against nicks by keeping the skin tight using the bar. This gives you a smoother, flatter surface for shaving.

Weight 64g
Length 95 mm

Made in Germany

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