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MÜHLE R89 Twist Safety Razor

MÜHLE R89 Twist Safety Razor

Saba Soap and Body

  • $9800

MÜHLE R89 twist is very similar to the ordinary R89 from MÜHLE. It has the same head as R89, but with some changes to the handle and mechanics. Here you simply turn the head, put in a new blade and turn it again. No loose parts flitting in all directions. Only the head which is screwed off and on again - by means of a knob at the bottom of the handle. Very simple. 
Otherwise this razor is somewhat heavier than R89 and with a slightly different look on the handle. The screw mechanism can be found at the very bottom of the razor which is easy to manoeuvre even with soapy hands


Weight 90g
Length 107mm
Handle diameter 14mm

Made in Germany

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