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Saba natural shaving soap (Orange delight)

Saba natural shaving soap (Orange delight)

Saba Soap and Body

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Natural and Handmade New Zealand Shaving Soap
NZ made shaving soap helps to moisturise your skin and protect from irritation. Saba Shaving handmade soaps use all natural and organic ingredients. Soft on the face and eco-friendly. 


Distilled water, Mango seed butter, Shea butter, Coconut oil, Pottasium Hydroxide# Stearic acid, Oat oil, Buriti oil, Sodium hydroxide#, Castor oil*, Alpha Bisabolol, Glycerine, Sweet Orange essential oil, Pettigrain essential oil.

For saponification #


Handcrafted in NZ

This shaving soap is to be used with a shaving brush.

To get the best out of our shaving cream wet your face with warm water or place a hot flannel over your face for a while - or do both, this will soften your whiskers. We do not recommend a pre-shave oil as oil and water do not mix and this will clog up your razor. Dip your brush into warm to hot water squeeze the excess water out, then load your brush with the shaving cream. Do not try to create the foam in the container as you will end up with excess soap and little foam. The next step is to place your shaving brush on your face and whip up the foam using a circular motion for at least 40 seconds to a minute, adding a small amount of water as you go. You can also whip up a foam in a shaving bowl then transfer to your face, whatever works best for you. The more vigorous your brush work the more foam you create. The purpose of this is to soften your beard and cut down on the friction which leaves your face in better shape. Your blades will last a little longer to.

NB: Different shaving brush bristles will produce different qualities and quantities of foam.

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