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The Muhle R89 Rose Gold

The Muhle R89 Rose Gold

Saba Soap and Body

  • $7500

THE MÜHLE R89 ROSE GOLD: is a beautifully engineered double-edge shaving tool that was designed for both new and experienced wet shavers. This safety-razor has a lightly engraved, long handle that has been expertly designed to provide anyone with optimum control and comfort while shaving. 
This safety-razor is made in Germany with optimum precision, ergonomic and beauty hence making it a perfect shaving-tool for ambitious wet-shavers. The MÜHLE 89 razor is made from high-quality metal with a combination of a chrome and gold plating coupled with an extremely engraved finish. The MÜHLE R89 may also come with a closed comb that is friendly to the skin.

Weight 60g
Length 94 mm
Handle diameter 12.5 mm  

Made in Germany 

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